1. Distant Memories

  2. Accelerate (feat. Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound)
    The David Roy Collective

  3. The Rising of the Sun

  4. Forever We Dance

  5. Tomorrow Awaits

  6. Endure

  7. Rise
    The David Roy Collective

  8. Searching for Heaven /∞/

  9. The Future of First Response: Southwest Fire Academy (TSN Spot)
    The David Roy Collective

  10. Winter Reflections
    The David Roy Collective

  11. In His Presence ∞

  12. Winter Break
    Spade Brooks & Leo Adams

  13. The Holly and the Ivy

  14. Today Is Enough

  15. Steps
    Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound & Nick Gierczak

  16. Chasing Dreams
    The David Roy Collective

  17. Reminisce
    Spade Brooks

  18. Our Distant Past

  19. Morning Songs
    The David Roy Collective

  20. Light in the Darkness ∞

  21. Foundation

  22. MajorLink Collection

  23. Tender Light

  24. Thriving
    The David Roy Collective & Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

  25. Little House

  26. Music for Film, Vol. 3

  27. Together We Believe in Truth
    Spade Brooks & Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

  28. Love Not Lost (feat. Reade Snair)

  29. Blackout
    Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound & Ian Aisling

  30. Everything You Want To Say

  31. Cosmo

  32. Anemone

  33. Last Summer
    Spade Brooks

  34. Puzzles
    Spade Brooks

  35. Bedtime Stories ∞

  36. Wisdom
    Spade Brooks

  37. Silent Night (feat. Reade Snair)

  38. Zelda's Lullaby (Lo-fi Version)
    Spade Brooks

  39. Change
    Greg McKay & Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound

  40. Old Days EP
    Avery Schmalz & Brock Hewitt

  41. Three Nineteen
    Spade Brooks

  42. MajorLink: Father's Last Words

  43. Improvisations on Rainy Days

  44. Improvisations on Love

  45. A Rainy Day, With You
    Spade Brooks

  46. Additional Works from MajorLink, Vol. 1

  47. When We Used to Play (feat. Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound)
    Spade Brooks

  48. Woke (feat. Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound)
    Spade Brooks

  49. Music for Film, Vol. 2

  50. Ghost
    Veda Gail & Brock Hewitt

  51. Music For Film (2018 Collection)

  52. MajorLink: Twilight's Shadow

  53. We Are Here To Connect -∞-

  54. Revive (Original Sketch) [Single]

  55. The First Noël [Single]

  56. Voodoo Reprise (w/ Chromak) [Single]

  57. Music for Film, Vol.1

  58. Absolute Self l∞l

  59. Music For Film (2017 Collection)

  60. For Nanny -∞- [Single]

  61. Collaborations, Vol. 1 (Compilation)

  62. Our Days of Joy [Single]

  63. Building Our Life ∞


Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound


The human experience is made up of stories that transcend time and cultures, becoming intimately connected with what it means to be human. Stories in Sound focuses on crafting moments in time that guide the listener on an emotional journey with music rooted in the light of each story.

∞ Emotive Story-driven Music for Film/Media
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